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Magnetic Block Building Toys

Fun for Everyone

Everyone will love puzzling and playing with our colourful magnetic building block toy sets. A great chance for kids & adults to bond over pretend play as they enjoy stacking and construction with limitless potential..

Educational for Child Development

Our magnetic construction sets are a great way to engage children's intellect while they play. Building 2D & 3D geometric models inspires creativity & develops spatial reasoning, problem solving, hand to eye co-ordination & dexterity..

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Versatile with a Progressive Challenge

Our sets use extra strong neodymium magnets so that the most complex shapes can be made. The Ferris wheel & car wheels provide even more possibilities for imaginative play, & the storage box with handle means that you can take this set anywhere

Tested for Strength and Safety

Engineered from strong ABS pressure moulded plastic conforming to CE (EN71) and ASTM standards. Tested in the UK our blocks will not break if dropped or trodden on. Rounded edges and tactile groves making them easy to grip and build with.

The Educational Benefits of Imaginit Toys

Playing with Imaginit's magnetic construction toys have numerous benefits for child development. Not only are they a lot of fun to play with but they held children develop a huge variety of skills and abilities which will help prepare children for the future. Our toys give children the opportunity to design imaginary things based on their own ideas and then work towards their construction goals. Below are just some of the educational benefits of playing with our blocks.

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Encourage Social Development

A scientific study by Fisher (1999) showed that playing with construction toys and pretend play improves children's cognitive-linguistic and social affective skills. Children who play together with construction toys learn how to solve problems together improving their social and language skills.

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Expand Imagination

Magnetic building block toys allow children to create whatever they can imagine in their own fantasy worlds. Once their construction is finished prentend play and storytelling begins. Using imagination boost cognitive, academic & social growth.

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Improve Mathematics & Numeracy

Play with complex construction toys predicts children's mathematical acheivement in later schooling. According to a study by Wolfgang, Stannard & Jones (2001) children who had learn more sophisticated use of construction toys had better grades and took more mathematics courses as teenagers.

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Teach Focus & Patience

To be sucessful with more complex designs children need to work slowly and carefully, planning as they do so. They may suffer setbacks and will need to start again. Building blocks give children a safe place learn to cope with adversity and develop concentration.

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Develop Problem Solving Skills

According to a study by Pepler & Ross (1981) children who play with construction toys perform better at problem solving and show more creativity. This is particulary true of divergent toys which have multiple solutions to each problem.

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Hone Fine Motor Skills

Building with magnetic blocks gives children valuable skills in grasping, manipulation and hand eye co-ordination. Children who don't develop these fine motor skills can have trouble eating, writing and getting dressed on their own.

Support your Child with Imaginit

Magnetic building block toys support full brain development. We encourange adults to take the time to learn how to maximise children's play and learning.

Brain Support. Imiginit's toys support full brain development.

Human brain right & left

Traditional theory splits the brain into left side (problem solving) and right side (creativity). Psychologists studying intelligence are learning that it is the connections between these sides that is important. Imaginit's toys engage both left and right side brain development, strengthening the connection between the two.

Children First. Support your child in play to maximise the benefits.

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  • Ask and answer questions.
  • Encourage co-operative play and make-believe.
  • Boost confidence by giving praise.
  • Support your child to work through problems.
  • Help children make a record or what they have achieved.

Children learn through play. As a parent or carer you cannot learn for them. Offering a safe and engaging play environment where children can explore and create is vital. Let children follow their imagination and support them without interruption until they request your feedback or help. Your presence is often enough to make children feel safe and positive in play.

Let's Take a Closer Look at our Blocks

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Safe & Fun. Our blocks are built with the utmost safety and enjoyment in mind.

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Each piece is built with care:
  • Non-Toxic ABS Plastic
  • Pressure Moulded
  • Tactile Grooves
  • Strong Neodymium Magnets
  • Conforms to CE (EN71) and ASTM Standards
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    Ferris Wheel & Car Set - 56 Piece Set

    When you have more magnetic blocks you have more options for exploration, engineering and fun. Each set contains 48 magnetic pieces plus the cartwheel parts. The enclosed instruction booklet teaches the basic of construction and is filled with over 50 ideas and inspirations. The included Ferris Wheel base and two sets of wheels provide even more possibilities for imaginative play, and the storage box means that you can take this set anywhere.

FAQ. You have questions, we have the answers

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All of our toys comply with and exceed toy safety standards. They are all tested in the United Kingdom and certified and marked in accordance with CE(EN71) and ATSM regulations.

Our blocks are standard sized - for comparison our squares are 6.5 cm x 6.5cm - so they can be used with other sets you may have purchased. Please be aware that our magnets are the strongest on the market. The more complex constructions will not be possible with cheaper sets.

We want everyone to be happy with their purchase. If you are not, for any reason, please contact us for a refund our replacement. All of our products are guaranteed.

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